LET’S MEAT Sky – Illustrator

logo2I’m Sky and I’m a London based illustrator. I like to observe the world around me and retell it in my own strange way. I like to work digitally and my style is both whimsical and odd.

Why did you start drawing ?

 Drawing is something I’ve always enjoyed doing. I’m also not fond of writing, so I use drawing to communicate ideas etc.

Any memories of your childhood, as an artist ?

 I used to draw and make a lot of books.

 Can you present your curriculum ?

 I have a degree in Book Arts and Design.

creperinglayer2Illustration pour la Chronique de Pauline Souris, parue sur le blog le 7 février 2013.

How is your art changing ?

I’ve gone from drawing mostly with pencils, to painting and collage and now my work is mostly digital.

The best quality of your work ?

 My humour and my odd style.

What inspire you the most ?

 My observations, irritations and life in general.

Any favorite themes, topics ?

 The same as before, life in general, plus fun and cute things.

And by the way, what is your favorite « pâté » ?

 I’ve never tried pate!!

 What feelings, messages do you want to express through your art ?

 I like my work to appear funny and odd at the same time.

As an artist, what has your best experience been ? And the worst one ?

 I’ve done so many great things that i’m proud off it’s hard to narrow down the best. I’ve had my work exhibited all over, I’ve been in newspapers and magazines. Ran workshops and sold zines at fairs. I’m quite proud of all of it.

 The worst, I was selling work in a pop-up event [that lasted a few days] and only sold two items. It was quite tiring and disappointing.

Best and worst advices received ?

 The best advice was how to make my work and it’s themes more punchy. I don’t think I’ve had any bad advice, any advice is always interesting to hear.

What made you want to join the Petit Pâté illustré ?

 I always love a new challenge!!

 What do you like about cooperation between artists ?

 I like the surprises that come out of working with others.

 How do you see your future ? Any project ?

 In the future, I’d love to own a quirky shop selling my work.

 A famous/ished last word ?

There is a postcard on my wall « Today two things will happen, choice and chance, the rest is up to you. »

Discover Sky’s work here !


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